Newest kitchen trend– butcher block

Fashion is always changing and it doesn’t only apply to clothing. New home interior designs are constantly being introduced thanks to the surge in home renovation reality show programs. One such trend is using a butcher block in the kitchen.

‘Butcher block’ refers to wooden countertops that can be used to cut and prepare food when cooking, eliminating the need for separate cutting boards. They are very versatile and can even be safely used as a workbench for any home projects.

The wooden surface looks beautiful in any kitchen. It can give it that cozy and rustic feel or make a modern kitchen seem warmer and more inviting. And while they are a stunning piece of décor that is also extremely useful, they do require more maintenance than regular countertops.

Caring for a butcher block

Many fear that wood can become a breeding ground for bacteria but that is not actually the case. It is actually much safer to use than plastic cutting boards because any bacteria that get inside the wood is eventually destroyed by its natural components.

Butcher block does need to be treated with oil regularly to keep it from drying out. You can buy a special wood conditioner made especially for treating butcher block countertops. They are usually made from a combination of oil and wax. Depending on the product you use, you will have to ‘rub in’ the oil into the wood a few times a year.

Wood is also very prone to water damage so keep that in mind when choosing which countertop to turn into a butcher block. Placing it near the sink may have disastrous results because the wood will absorb any water very quickly. It may change its shape because of how wood gradually expands when a lot of water sinks inside. There is even a possibility of mold appearing.

The porous surface of wood also makes it easy to stain. Spilling tomato sauce on the butcher block countertop can result in stains that are very hard to get rid of. If you decide to purchase a butcher block be prepared for having to regularly clean it and wipe it after every use. Heat is also dangerous to wood. Placing a hot frying pan on top of the butcher block countertop can make bubbles and cracks appear. Should any unevenness appear on the surface of the wooden countertop, it is recommended to use sandpaper to fill in any scratches.

Wood is a very durable material but it has its limitations. As long as you adhere to its rules then your butcher block should last you a very long time. If you love the look of wooden countertops but still aren’t sure if you can take care of them properly, it is a good idea to first get just a small piece of a butcher block, for example around the island. You can get butcher blocks in most retail home improvement stores. Menards butcher block is a great butcher block for a relatively cheap price that is just as sturdy as any other butcher block. If you’re looking for your next kitchen renovation project, a butcher block may just be right for you.