Newest kitchen trend– butcher block

Fashion is always changing and it doesn’t only apply to clothing. New home interior designs are constantly being introduced thanks to the surge in home renovation reality show programs. One such trend is using a butcher block in the kitchen.

‘Butcher block’ refers to wooden countertops that can be used to cut and prepare food when cooking, eliminating the need for separate cutting boards. They are very versatile and can even be safely used as a workbench for any home projects.

The wooden surface looks beautiful in any kitchen. It can give it that cozy and rustic feel or make a modern kitchen seem warmer and more inviting. And while they are a stunning piece of décor that is also extremely useful, they do require more maintenance than regular countertops.

Caring for a butcher block

Many fear that wood can become a breeding ground for bacteria but that is not actually the case. It is actually much safer to use than plastic cutting boards because any bacteria that get inside the wood is eventually destroyed by its natural components.

Butcher block does need to be treated with oil regularly to keep it from drying out. You can buy a special wood conditioner made especially for treating butcher block countertops. They are usually made from a combination of oil and wax. Depending on the product you use, you will have to ‘rub in’ the oil into the wood a few times a year.

Wood is also very prone to water damage so keep that in mind when choosing which countertop to turn into a butcher block. Placing it near the sink may have disastrous results because the wood will absorb any water very quickly. It may change its shape because of how wood gradually expands when a lot of water sinks inside. There is even a possibility of mold appearing.

The porous surface of wood also makes it easy to stain. Spilling tomato sauce on the butcher block countertop can result in stains that are very hard to get rid of. If you decide to purchase a butcher block be prepared for having to regularly clean it and wipe it after every use. Heat is also dangerous to wood. Placing a hot frying pan on top of the butcher block countertop can make bubbles and cracks appear. Should any unevenness appear on the surface of the wooden countertop, it is recommended to use sandpaper to fill in any scratches.

Wood is a very durable material but it has its limitations. As long as you adhere to its rules then your butcher block should last you a very long time. If you love the look of wooden countertops but still aren’t sure if you can take care of them properly, it is a good idea to first get just a small piece of a butcher block, for example around the island. You can get butcher blocks in most retail home improvement stores. Menards butcher block is a great butcher block for a relatively cheap price that is just as sturdy as any other butcher block. If you’re looking for your next kitchen renovation project, a butcher block may just be right for you.

Considering Going Camping? These Tips Could Help

There a lot of people who would like go out camping but they hate the fact that they will be leaving great comfort at home and moving to some place with limited comfort. Outdoor camping equipment are incredibly essential and they make the whole difference. You need to create a list of all the equipment that you could possibly require. Camping is not for everyone.

Without important tools would certainly spoil almost everything just like the way you could have imagined or arranged it. Therefore, precisely what’s the necessary outdoor camping stuff that you need to be sure and make preparations?

Before making a large list of the stuff you will need, you need to look at the weather reports to discover the weather conditions. Due to this, it can benefit you to know the main stuff you need to have which can protect you against that particular weather condition.


Consider taking clothes which could match up the weather situations. For example once the temperature is very cold, wrap up clothing that could keep you to be protected the entire camping trip.

Sleeping Bags, Camping Pillow as well as Quilts

To undertake a magnificent and comfy sleep at night; you may want to consider stuff like these. While you are having your camping trip, you have to be stress-free to ensure you would have lots of power to enjoy your whole entire adventure and would have adequate energy to operate some specific actions too.

Even though you already have the idea of which kind of sleeping bag you are searching for the next part you should think about will be the style of the specific bag. There is also a special design which normally cover you exactly just like a sandwich and there are also a variety that gives you extra space so that you could move when you’re inside of the bag.

In situations where you don’t want to get tightened up while sleeping then you definitely should refrain from purchasing sandwich style. Therefore, it is advisable to check out the actual length and choose quality double sleeping bags to make you feel more comfortable.

Meal Preparation

Imagine how you can prepare your food over the whole trip? You need to have sufficient quantity of food stuff to keep you healthy as well as full of energy. This could simply happen if you have the right cooking utensils.In the event you brought cooking equipment, bear in mind to arrange if you want non-reusable stuff or not. You may need to consider completely clean equipment to ensure you won’t get any type of microbial disease during the trip.

Camping Toilets to make you feel more comfortable

To carry camping toilets with you on your excursion is a smart idea to get rid of this genuine problem. These are the portable toilets that allow us to do our business and then collecting it to discard later when possible. When we carry waste out by bagging it and disposing of it later, we ensure that we are safe from undesirable wildlife and have not left behind anything which can be harmful for our environment.

These portable toilets can be found ranging from basic wag bags (biodegradable double-bag system) to complex flushable system. You can find three types of camping toilets – bucket, collapsible and flushable.

And lastly, advise a person in the family or perhaps a good friend the area where you plan to go on a camping trip. Give them the exact information including the time period you may be traveling, number of days and nights you might be away as well as every name that planned to come and join you. In the event that something goes entirely wrong or maybe if there may be an unexpected emergency, someone could easily track you and could come to save you.

Catalina Island – Great & Close Destination for Californian Families!

Catalina, also known as Santa Catalina Island, is an island that is situated about twenty-two miles southwest of Los Angeles, California. The island covers an area of seventy-five square miles and is twenty-two miles long and eight miles across at its widest point. It belongs to the Channel Islands of California archipelago and as such is in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County. There are over thirty-six hundred residents on Catalina, and eighty-five percent of them live in Avalon City. The next major center of population is Two Harbors and it contains around three hundred residents. The rest of the population of the island is scattered between these two urban centers and Catalina has a population density of about forty-nine people per square mile.

The original residents of the island were the Gabrielino tribe, who occupied the area around seven thousand B.C. European settlement wouldn’t occur until the mid-sixteenth century, when Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claimed the island for the Spanish Crown and named it San Salvador. Fifty years later, Sebastian Vizcaino would rediscover the island and named it Santa Catalina to honor the feast day of St. Catherine. Over the course of the next three centuries, Catalina was the home base for many smugglers, pirates, fishermen and otter hunters. By 1830, there were no residents left on the island, however. They were either dead or had moved on to greener pastures on the mainland. Mexican Governor of Alta California, Pío de Jesus Pico, gave a land grant of the Island of Catalina to Thomas Robbins in the mid-nineteenth century.

Mr. Robbins was a captain who came to California around 1823 and married the daughter of Carlos Antonio Carrillo. He founded a small ranch on Catalina Island, but would eventually sell it to Jose Maria Covarrubias in 1850. Senor Covarrubias would then turn around and sell the island to Santa Barbara resident, Albert Packard, three years later. Over the course of the next nine years it exchanged hands several times until it was eventually owned by James Lick in 1864. During the decade, Catalina experienced a minor gold rush, but little gold was actually recovered in the area. Eventually, the Federal government removed all the residents off of the island and put a small Union garrison on it. Their barracks can still be seen to this day and is one of the oldest structures on the island.

By the end of the nineteenth century, Catalina was once again almost completely uninhabited. Twenty-two miles away, Los Angeles was experience a growth spurt and its population was close approaching the fifty thousand person mark. This unprecedented growth would lead to the transformation of Catalina from a uninhabited wilderness to a popular tourist destination. In 1891, the Banning brothers bought the island and began to transform it as a resort. They built a dance pavilion, made improvements to Hotel Metropole, erected an aquarium, founded the Pilgrim Gambling Club and improved the beach areas. They also built dirt roads into the interior of the island and added bath houses.

In 1915, half of the development burned in a fire and the Banning brothers fell into debt. By 1919, they were forced to sell off the island a piece at a time. One of these pieces were sold to chewing gum entrepreneur William Wrigley. Mr. Wrigley and his wife then visited the island and immediately fell in love with it. Eventually, he would end up buying out all the owners until he owned the entire island. He immediately began to invest millions of dollars into the island and built up its infrastructure. Today, over eighty-eight percent of the island is managed by the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Catalina is an island that has a very diverse ecosystem with a lot of unique animal, flora and fauna species. Catalina Island boasts more than four hundred native plant species. Six of these species can only be found on the island and nowhere else in the world. These six plants are Santa Catalina Island Ironwood, Catalina manzanita, Catalina dudleya, Catalina mahogany, St. Catherine’s lace and Santa Catalina bedstraw. Catalina also has five distinct land animals that are native to the island. These include California Ground Squirrel, Island Fox, Santa Catalina Island Deer Mouse, Santa Catalina Island Harvest Mouse and the Ornate Shrew. The island also contains gold eagles, bald eagles and a variety of different fish can be found in the waters around the island. These fish include sheepheads, herring, opaleyes, anchovies, sardines, garibaldi, bat rays, Yellowtail, Leopard sharks, barracuda, Kelp Bass, Giant sea bass, lingcods, bonito, White seabass, blacksmiths, mackerel and horn sharks.

The island has a thriving tourists trade and over one million visitors come here each and every year. These tourist are brought to the island by its scenic beauty and by a large number of attractions. A popular attraction on the island is Catalina Casino. Catalina Casino was built on what used to be Sugarloaf Point. It was built by Mr. Wrigley in 1929 at a cost of two million dollars. The casino is surrounded by the ocean on three of its sides and it stands approximately twelve stories high. On its top level is a dance hall and on its bottom level is a museum and movie theater. The dance hall is capable of accomodating over six thousand dancers.